WJPP-LPFM is licensed to Palm City Florida

Station Status  Licensed Low Power FM Station [Help]
Area of Coverage  FCC Coverage Map
Maximum Effective Radiated Power  57 Watts
Horizontal Height above Avg. Terrain  39.5 meters (130 feet)
Horizontal Height above Ground Level  38.1 meters (125 feet)
Horizontal Height above Sea Level  42.4 meters (139 feet
Antenna Pattern  Non-Directional
Transmitter Location  27° 16′ 31″ N, 80° 17′ 10″ W
License Granted  June 14 2018
License Expires  February 01 2020
June 14 2018

We frequently receive inquiries as to why our signal doesn’t travel farther.

The map below shows you the FCC predicted coverage area. As you can see

our coverage is extremely small, fortunately our station out performs the FCC’s estimate.  

Click here for the 60 dbu FCC Map: Map

Equipment: SWR One Bay FM-1 Antenna .441 Gain, Ptek FM ES500 Transmitter, Aphex 722 Dominator II, Stereo Multi Band Peak Limiter,