Annual Budget

WJPP is a 501C3 Florida Tax Deductible Corporation.

WJPP has no salaried employees.

There are no Officer or Director Fees Paid. All Donations received by WJPP go directly to the expenses listed below.

Accounting and Tax Preparation $1,000.00
FCC Fees, Dues and Subscriptions $600.00
Electricity (Transmitter) $1,800.00
Internet STL (Comcast) $1,200.00
Streaming (Securenet) $600.00
Insurance $700.00
Legal FCC $800.00
Misc $3,000.00
Music Fees $3,000.00
Operations $6,000.00
Repair and Maintenance $1,500.00
Telephone $600.00
Tower Rent $7,500.00
Website $500.00
Total Annual Budget $28,800.00