Catholic Calendar

Air Date: April 1st 2015

We are now journeying thru the most solemn Holy Week

Culminating in Jesus’ most brutal and barbaric crucifixion!

The services of Holy Week transform us

into eyewitnesses and direct participants

in the awesome events of the Passion

and Resurrection of Jesus!

Jesus said;

“I looked for sympathy, but there was none;

for comforters, and I found none.” (Psalms 69:21)

“Yet it was our infirmities that he bore,

our sufferings that he endured.” (Isaiah 53:4)

During this Holy Week,

Will we be Mary,

Taking the expensive perfume of our lives

laying it at the feet of Jesus?

Or will we be Judas?

concerned about all the exterior things?

worrying about how our money is used

and what others will say?

Will we avoid journeying thru suffering and death,

living more in the dark than in the light?

Jesus stretches out His Hands between heaven and earth.

The curtain of the Temple is ripped

A new bridge has been established between God and us.

From His cross the Lord also gives us Mary

to be the Mother of all believers.


EWTN’S DOUG BARRY will be back @ St martin de Porres

Performing his dramatic Passion Play

On Good Friday!

If you have never seen Doug Barry

Co-host of EWTN’s “life on the rock”

Perform his passion play

You should, you must!!!

Good Friday, April 3rd

St. Martin de Porres

7:00 pm

Bring the entire family

Invites Friends & Neighbors



“Do You Believe?”, the faith-based movie

From the same producers of God’s Not Dead!

Currently showing in 1,320 theaters nationwide

The movie weaves together 12 lives

With a large cast including: Mira Sorvino, Delroy Lindo, Sean Astin, Lee Majors,

Cybill Shepherd and Brian Bosworth.

The Nat’l Catholic Register said the film is a

Christ-centered Pure Flix production

made “to change our culture for Christ,

one heart at a time.”

As Catholics, as Christians

We should support wholesome family movies!

Take the entire family

Invite friends & neighbors


Catholic Homeschoolers

Will meet Friday Apr 3

9 a.m. Mass at St. Christopher

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

Then to the Indian River Lagoon

for fellowship and play!

contact: 337-1530


Divine Mercy Sunday

is a very special Sunday

when the Divine Floodgates from Heaven

are wide-opened and Jesus offers us total forgiveness

of all sins and punishment to any soul,

who goes to Confession and receives Him in Holy Communion, on that day.

mercy for even the most hardened sinners!

Divine Mercy Sunday

Feast of Mercy!

Sunday April 12th

Check your parish listings

Don’t miss the special Sunday of God’s Divine Mercy!!!

More info next week!


Marriages flourish when we take the time with our spouses

to reflect and nurture our spiritual lives

and participate in a married couples retreat.

Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center

Married Couples Retreat

May 1 to 3 led by retreat Team

$370.00 per couple.

Includes retreat, accommodations & meals.

Registration required.

Phone: 561-626-1300